Becoming a Freelance Writer: Create a Writing Portfolio That Wows Your Clients

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Show Comments. Great post. However, I am finding it extremely difficult to get any freelance writing jobs outside my Kindle book writing. Freelance writing as a career is tough these days. With the deluge of writers available in every freelancing platform, it is a race to the bottom as far as pricing is concerned. So how do one survive and thrive in this scenario? The best solution is to master a niche — preferably something that you like and passionate about. Writing fact laden high quality content pieces in your niche will make you stand out and as it happens, money will follow quality.

Rahul Krishnan. Hi Mam, I love to be a freelance writer. Awesome post indeed. I got my first online payment from freelance writing just a few day before. Love this job. I decided to be a freelance write before almost 2 years ago. But got a potential client only now.

How to Develop a Writing Portfolio

Anyway I am happy now. So I can surely say finding clients at the initial stage is very difficult. It is good to choose low paying jobs and after having experience we can raise our rates. I now feel this is my career.

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Let us see what god will give for me. Having a blog is a superb idea for freelancers. We can showcase our writings there. But I know a boy who has no blogs and still earns from freelance writing. As you said, having an internet connection is essential for freelance career. Unfortunately this is what I am suffering from. Hope I get broadband soon. I use no other platforms Now I am happy. Facebook is my client gathering platform now.

I got two 4 clients from it. Pretty good I think. Now I am facing a problem, that is I have no pancard and paypal. But will apply for it soon. I know it is important to get international payments. Hey, that is a superb idea to ask the clients for half of the charge. This will surely throw scams away. Nice post Mam. Keep going. Regards, Rahul.

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Harleena very well written post. It is easy to see why you are successful as a freelance writer. One of nice things about freelance writing is that over time as you build up your customer base you do not have to spend as much time acquiring work and can spend more time writing. To be a successful freelance writer the writer has to love writing as you do.

If they do not love to write then it will not work for them. It is not about how good someone writes. One last comment. If someone wants to be a professional writer on their own site or for hire they need to get Grammarly. I having been a freelance copywriter since and I was very glad when Grammarly came along.

Why because the hardest writing to edit is our own writing. Swadhin Agrawal. Coming to the post its awesome. Yes I really liked the search tips that you gave for finding a perfect job. My question is is craiglist having an intact credibility in India. Hope you notice this comment and if you do so please kindly answer this. Harleena Singh. Lol…is that so? I wonder why you felt like that? In the freelancing world, you cannot trust anyone, and people on Craiglist too are like totally unknown ones, but you get a lot of job opportunities there. You have to take your chances and you can get good clients from this one place too.

Sylviane Nuccio. So, sorry I had missed that post since February. I love it! It does take time, energy and dedication.

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Ravi Chahar. The journey of becoming a freelance writer have a long path. As you have mentioned to become a freelance writer we are required to have great writing skills. I always think about it and only think comes in mind is about the visions of a freelance writer. How can a person think like that much demonstrative? I started freelancing as a part of hobby and overcome my that time depression but now it becomes my part time job.

This is the finest article that deals with every aspect of pursuing a successful career as freelance writer as well as making social impact so that you can get lots of traffic through those social community pages or forums. This is an excellent read on freelance writing. I myself do freelance writing as one of my many endeavors as a freelance creative spirit, and I find that I am most successful in these five areas: Writing for up front payments like from magazines, Demand Media Studios, etc.

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They add up! I love helping others and sharing ideas! Thank you for sharing your excellent ideas and information.

Here’s EVERYTHING Your Freelance Writing Website Needs

Hello Harleena Awesome Article one again. Besides Describing different platforms to start freelancing writing career, you also mention some points which can also help to improve writing skills, advance searching tips and all. Every time I visit your blog, I learn something new from your blog. Thanks and keep in touch. In my terms, both progress and success are achieved by staying not just interested, but passionate about what you do, and working a regular nine to five job can take that away from you very easily. This was a great read, thank you for sharing your experience. This is the first time i have visited your blog and this article impresses me so much. I think this a hardest and biggest chance for individual to be a freelancer writing. Jeevan Jacob John. It costs you nothing extra to use — in fact, it saves you money to use my exclusive link and set up your website! I only recommend Bluehost because it is what I personally use for my site.

I appreciate the support!

Learn how to become a freelance writer

I originally posted these as blog posts on my freelance writer website. Ideally, you want to publish a guest post somewhere your target clients are going to see it.

Here's What We're Covering:

And you want the post to help establish your niche expertise. You can see how it relates directly to my niche. For example, if you want to write whitepapers, you could just sit down and write a whitepaper for a made-up company. That one bylined piece or client piece will help you build credibility and position yourself as a serious business owner to potential clients.

No bullshit and no fluff — just the actionable info you need to build your business.