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They build large colonies and can move rapidly. They move indoors in winter.

This "Useless" Organ Determines Which Ants Grow Into Large Soldiers | Science | Smithsonian

Active foragers, ant trails are common along sidewalks, foundations, and inside along baseboards, and under carpets. They rarely live indoors. Smooth and glossy body surface. Thick foraging trails with thousands of ants can be found along sidewalks, around buildings and on trees and shrubs. They often build very large colonies with thousands of workers and multiple queens.

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They are also predatory and will attack insects and other ant species. They forage much more erratically than other ants. Indoors, they build colonies in wall voids, foam insulation, eaves, and crawl spaces. Peak foraging occurs at night. Without suitable cover, dome-shaped mounds will be constructed, usually only found in open spaces, such as fields, parks, and lawns.

They will also attack small animals, which can kill them. Fire ants bite in order to get a grip on its prey, then sting from the abdomen to inject a toxic venom.

  • This “Useless” Organ Determines Which Ants Grow Into Large Soldiers!
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For humans, this is a painful sting with the after-effects of the sting being deadly to sensitive individuals. Indoors, they build colonies behind baseboards, in wall voids, cabinets, etc. They forage in trails from outside colonies to indoor food sources, far from nests. Pavement ants can access structures via plumbing pipes and move to upper building floors. This will help you to differentiate carpenter ants from two node ants, such as acrobat ants, little black ants, pharaoh ants, and pavement ants.

There are other ants that have a single node, such as odorous house ants, field ants, large yellow ants, and crazy ants. If you are unable to tell the carpenter ants from these by their size, you can look at its thorax for a clue. Carpenter ants have a rounded thorax; these other ants have a thorax that is unevenly shaped. You may also be able to tell the carpenter ant by its coloring.

These ants are mostly, or entirely, black. Some species will have reddish coloring. Flying ants are not a species of ants, but rather, a caste of ant.

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  8. When an ant colony matures, it will begin to produce male and female winged reproductives. The job of these winged reproductives, often called swarmers, is to leave the nest and establish a new nest somewhere else. These swarmers will often be seen on windows and window ledges. Carpenter ant swarmers are larger than other carpenter ants, which will make them even more noticeable than swarmers of other ant species.

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    When swarmers mate, the male ant will die and the female ant will become the queen of a new nest. When it comes to identifying carpenter ants, this is the biggest question of all. While it is certainly important to know whether or not the ants you're finding in your home are wood chewing carpenter ants or not, it is even more vital to know the difference between a carpenter ant swarmer and a termite swarmer.

    Most species of termite produce swarmers that have a black body, so you may be tempted to think it is a carpenter ant swarmer, but the size should be your first indication of which insect you're looking at. Termite swarmers are significantly smaller than carpenter ant swarmers.

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