Broken Promises (The Brianna Lane Series Book 1)

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Broken Promises (The Brianna Lane Series Book 1)

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Brianna Lane Series

Please Share On Social Media:. Like this: Like Loading Another lovely poem by Sue Vincent. And this is me, A life ticking away. How many seconds pass in reverie? How many lost unmarked And unremarked Beyond my reach? I cannot call them back, Cannot rewind, relive Refill with memories. Once they are gone, done, Lost in the mists, Wandering the mind Like aimless ghosts I cannot change them. And so I breathe, Inhaling seconds as they pass, Filling each one, With something, anything To make them count, Make them sparkle Make them burn.. Branded in memory. My life is wide, Embracing tomorrow When it is today And the clock can tick, Counting my laughter As the years pass.

Rate this:. Merry Motherhood Musings of a first-time mommy. Krista Brock, Author A new kind of picture book for creative children. Hoarding Books it's not hoarding if it's books. Wandering Ambivert. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Overall I really enjoyed this story and look forward to seeing what happens next espicially with how it ends. It has love, danger, mystery, and humor.

Nov 13, Theresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Belinda Boring, you wicked writer. This is a story filled will all the things that make people love romance novels. It's steamy, unpredictable and a unique storyline. I love how you presented a different perception of Fae. The passion between the characters Bri and Quinn is palpable and will leave more than one woman wishing she could find a love that intense. I stayed up two nights in a row unable to stop reading just to find out what happens next. I mean I really started to hate this guy. At least once I wished I was Liam when he tazered the guy.

He really deserved to get his butt kicked. Then you left me hanging. Boring tell me you are coming out the the second book soon. I need to know. The situation seems so hopeless. There has to be a way out and I need to know how the Guardians save the day The characters are believable and complex. The storyline is compelling. The terror inflicted on the human race left me desperate to know the outcome. I was provided a copy of this book by Promotional Book Tours for review.

Apr 14, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Belinda again comes out with a BANG. Here is another amazingly written book that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Another set of characters who you fall in love with easily. These characters are funny, infuriating and at times break your heart. I loved Bri right off, and her sexy as hell boyfriend Quinn.

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Everything is normal until they get close to the movies, something is happening to Quinn and it isn't right. She has no idea how to help him, or what to do all she knows is she h Belinda again comes out with a BANG.

Broken Promises - Gacha Life Series season 2 of I Promse - episode 2

She has no idea how to help him, or what to do all she knows is she has to do whatever it takes to save him. When Quinn turns violent she knows it isn't him and she sees in rare glimpses the old Quinn trying to fight. When on the run, she runs into trouble and has no idea what to do, she knows Quinn is hunting her and she has to find help, which she does. Bri is still thinking Quinn is good and in those rare moments she is taken by surprise by him and his attitude.

But she can't help but think of all the good times they had, and the old him, things start to become blurred. Quinn is taking great pleasure in the cat and mouse games, all he knows is he wants Bri no matter what.

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Bri is scared but helpless when it comes to him, she will do whatever it takes to keep her new friends safe, and when she does all goes down hill. Again with the punch in the gut ending but I cannot wait. To see where Belinda takes us next!! Mar 19, Rustys rated it liked it. Broken Promises What do you do when the man you love turns on you?

I mean, not break up but literally becomes a dark and violent predator whose only goal is to destroy you.

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Who or what is responsible for the havoc that surrounds Bri… Fae! Brianna existence has become the utmost important as she learns the truth about her family heritage. Fae compulsion and charms all add to the mystery of why everyone is acting so violent. Bri is a strong character whose goals are to hopefully revert the spell that has overcome Qiunn and the rest of the city. Nov 01, Heather Gunter rated it it was amazing. Now I am a fan from the get go. So going into Broken Promises was a no brainer for me.

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  8. I read it laying in a camper last night squished between my two little boys. I stayed up until I had finished the very last page! I was taken in from page 1. Belinda is as detailed with the characters as she is with captivating every detail of the character's surroundings. It's almost as if you are there and you can Now I am a fan from the get go. It's almost as if you are there and you can see it in your head as the story plays out.

    see I love that she had Bri relive memories of time spent with Quinn. It made me get to know both of the characters and understand them quite well. I don't think she could have made Quinn any more swoon worthy even if she had tried.