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It may sting at first, but it's certainly less devaluing to the self than a lie. I know we all say we want the truth, but a lot of the times, we just go by "ignorance is bliss" We're so busy that we put it off until later. It's also scary hearing the unpleasant truth. Like you don't wanna believe that so and so is cheating on you or that so and so is betraying you.

You don't wanna think about it because you'll know there's immediate pain involved.

A comforting lie

It takes a lot of strength to rip off that band aid and face reality. In shorter words, we say we want the unpleasant truth over the pleasant lie, but easier said than done. Unpleasant truths, because even though the truth might hurt, it's always better than to tell a lie. I mean, sure, a comforting lie will make me feel better. But, if anyone wants any sort of successful relationship with me friendship, dating, etc then it would be in their best interest to always be honest.

It sucks, and there's always the "ignorance is bliss" concept, but once you find out the truth, there's never any going back. You left out the word "sometimes" to make me look as bad as you possible can. Twisting words like the media. Who did I direct the word at? Anyone who would refuse to lie when it's the only right thing to do. What most people here continue to not understand is that the answer to this question changes according to the circumstance. They just answer in the zombie like manner in which they feel best about themselves.

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Recent Topics. More Topics. Is it better to be told comforting lies or unpleasant truths? Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie Highest Score First. Honesty is always the best policy! In the long run, the unpleasant truth For short-term, comforting lies are nice. I can see your point This user has deactivated their account.

Otherwise I would have seen Jimi Hendrix live. DW2 I wasn't alive back in DW2 I know. And um, lies ARE lies. If they were ever true, they'd be called truths. Indie And um, lies ARE lies. DW2 I have a bunch of donuts. That's still a This comment was deleted by its author. As a business owner what category do you fall in? A friend from alignable sent me this image, as he thought it described me well. All Answers I appreciate all the responses.

As a business owner I prefer the truth pleasant or not. Honesty is always the best policy. Gaging from some of the more recent feedback I have received on Alignable..

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The comforting lies seems to be winning the race!! Brooke Novello from Tranquility Therapies. The unpleasant truths, easier to solve any problems. Mark Laurie from Inner Spirit Photography. Scott Wisneski from Doc Motor Works. Unplesant made as comfortable as possible. Asim Riaz from Go Calgary Shuttles.

That builds the trust. So i do not betray my customers. Related Posts.

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Business Operations. Only by constantly thinking about the issues at stake and the methods you use can you keep at bay the temptation to use the past for present purposes. History is often contradictory, just like life, and does not provide a unilateral message immediately available to justify this or that political choice. Communists knew in advance the answer to everything. We are always learning more about the past. What you think is the truth today is determined by your actual situation and by what you believe in. What we think is true tells us more about who we are today than about the actual past.

This is why it is a science. History consists of a consensus arrived at by historians, who are constantly engaging with one another about our understanding of the past. And that is why many people posing as historians are not actually doing genuine historical work.

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First-hand experience is irreducible and is a precious source for a historian. But other people have other stories to tell, that might contradict yours yet are equally valid. Individuals are not always equipped to tell what is what — historians are. You have an opinion and an experience, not the basis for a historical monograph. None of us was sitting with Hitler in Munich in and yet we know very well what happened.

None of us was living in the Middle Ages and still we have medieval historians that teach us a lot. A direct witness has the ability and the competence to say what they saw personally but the witness standing next to them will often have a very different opinion about what they saw at the very same time.