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As I rummaged in my purse, I had to quietly concede that for 50pence a pair there must be some trade off on quality somewhere along the line. I grabbed my carrier bag and turned to leave, only to find Mr Cool Dude waiting for me. He licked his lips and made a final defiant clack of his false teeth as he leered out of the corner of his mouth,. Recoiling in horror, I had a sudden mental image of a set of dentures hanging from the gusset of my newly acquired knickers. Hastily sidestepping Mr Cool Dude I burst through the doors and out into the street, my Primark bag slapping wildly against my left thigh as I ran to the car park.

Sitting in my car I had another little peek at my spoils. Clive, I do love you for this….. Loved it! For consolation try Matalan. Joy of joys I re ordered size 14 and they fit perfectly. Oh and I missed the typo! Thank you Sherrie, glad you enjoyed it.

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Hi Gina … Got here via leaving you a tweet i think! Your poem was absolutely hilarious and is incredibly popular on all the Social Networking sites, must admit it cheered me up no end when it was sent to me. Let me know if you write anymore would love to read them.

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I dont know how it started! John, Swansea.

Perhaps there might be money in poetry after all! Gina x. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. It was absolutely miniscule. I inwardly cringed imagining them laughing over a mug of tea and a garibaldi biscuit. In a voice that was loud enough to wake the dead, she bellowed across the store. Nothing was forthcoming, just a slight twitch of one of her pencilled in eyebrows. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Like this: Like Loading July 16, at Clive Harffy gwahoddiad says:. July 21, at Gina Kirkham says:. July 29, at This blog details you about the various tips that will help you find the September 6, Thom Leave a comment. When men go shopping mens underwear, two things happen - they either pick what meets their eye which used to happen in the past or pick a style that can highlight their best features and hide the parts of your body they don't like this is the present scenario.

Now, they look for different styles like mens pouch underwear, mens sheer underwear, and many others based on how they make their male anatomy looks like. Sometime, you might have to spend hours searching for the perfect mens sheer underwear because settling for the ordinary is something that should not be on the list. You might be like women who spend their entire day and pick only one product or not even that too but spending a few hours and picking see through underwear for Men's Underwear.

September 3, Thom Leave a comment.

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Well, the holiday season is right around the corner!! Do you feel the excitement building? I am someone who absolutely craves for the holiday season and even save a lot of money so that I can spend it wisely throughout these months.

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  5. This year, I am planning it to be different for myself and also for all my readers. I have seen so many men out there doing anything and everything just to make the holiday season so much better for their partners and families that they miss out on being happy from within and also lose their health with all the stress.

    So, let us aim at making this holiday season happier and healthier for yourself rather than just focusing on what others are expecting and blindly doing what August 20, Thom Leave a comment. We have always talked about mens bikini as an option to step up your summer game. But when you talk about showing off your beach body, you need to be very careful about certain things. After all, having that bikini underwear for men is a stunning number for the summer as well the other the times of the year.

    Say no to artificial sugar It is going to very difficult for you to shed the weight that you want to if, your diet is high in processed food items and the ones that July 8, Thom Leave a comment.

    parse.carproof.com/fro-de-las-sombras-fro-de.php We all are aware of the importance of your male underwear. But would any ordinary pair of male underwear be fine? Yes, I would recommend mens bikinis for sure. Male bikinis are the true definition of comfort, support, and sexiness. But there are some golden rules to wear mens bikinis that you can find here and without these, you would not be able to make the best of male underwear style. The fit of the mens bikinis The first and July 2, Thom Leave a comment. It has been quite some time that I have been hearing that sexy male underwear style has always been the forte for strippers.

    Oh yes!!

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    So, what do you think - is sexy male underwear limited for some men or not? It seems that traditional bricks and mortar high street shops struggle to sell such daring styles which are thought to be due to the fact that men are either Men's Underwear , mens pouch underwear.

    June 24, Thom Leave a comment. Have you ever felt the need for feeling comfortable down there and realized that not every male underwear style provides that? Well, I guess, comfort is definitely the top-most priority when it comes to the different options available for below the belt. Have you ever tried to get comfortable with mens pouch underwear before?

    Well, the collection of mens pouch underwear is the one for the changing world of the fashion-conscious men out there.