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The companies were listed as trading houses that dealt in several kinds of minerals, automobiles, textiles, metals and spare parts, and also claimed to produce feature films. India Today reported that the two flats were RAW safe houses used as operational fronts for Mossad agents and housed Mossad's station chief between and RAW had reportedly decided to have closer ties to Mossad, and the subsequent secret operation was approved by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. India Today cites "RAW insiders" as saying that RAW agents hid a Mossad agent holding an Argentine passport and exchanged intelligence and expertise in operations, including negotiations for the release of an Israeli tourist by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front militants in June When asked about the case Verma refused to speak about the companies, but claimed his relationship with them was purely professional.

Raman stated, "Sometimes, spy agencies float companies for operational reasons.

Under Modi, the 'New' India Prioritizes Aggression – and Prizes Israel's Example

All I can say is that everything was done with government approval. Files were cleared by the then prime minister [Rajiv Gandhi] and his cabinet secretary. Balachandran stated, "It is true that we did a large number of operations but at every stage, we kept the Cabinet Secretariat and the prime minister in the loop.

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The paper reported that the agents had been called in to provide additional cover to Modi's security detail, composed of India's Special Protection Group and secret agents from RAW and IB, in wake of the November Paris attacks. Indian and Israeli special forces conducted a range of tactical joint exercises, which included protection of strategic assets, ground infiltration and evacuation.

In , Israel proposed starting negotiations on a free trade agreement with India, and in , then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accepted that proposal. The 10 major commodities exported from India to Israel were: []. The 10 major commodities exported from Israel to India were: []. In , during the visit to India of then Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres , India and Israel signed an agreement on science and technology, which allowed for direct scientific cooperation between both governments.

Specific areas of cooperation included information technology , biotechnology , lasers , and electro-optics. Additionally, a joint committee to monitor collaboration between the two nations was established and set to meet biennially. In , Indian scientists attended a seminar on advanced materials in Israel. In , Israeli scientists attended a seminar on biotechnology in Delhi. In , India and Israel had 22 ongoing joint research projects.

A joint symposium on the human genome was held in Jerusalem , where six Indian scientists took part. Under the agreement, at least one Indian and one Israeli company must be collaborating on a project for that project to qualify for the fund. From to , the fund, named i4RD, has been used in seven projects.

In , Israel stated its intent to increase technological and economic cooperation with the Indian state of Bihar , in the fields of agriculture, water management, solar energy, and medical insurance. Israel has offered to help the India government with a project to clean the Ganga. Venkaiah Naidu to offer Israel's expertise in water management to battle water scarcity. Ohad Horsandi, spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi stated that Israel was keen to help in India meet its water needs for agriculture and drinking, and was pushing for more government-to-government agreements.

Following Prime Minister Modi's visit to Israel in , there has been an increased call for collaboration between Israel and India on innovation development. In , India and Israel signed a cooperative agreement promoting space collaboration between both nations.

Israel also expressed interest in participating in ISRO's proposed mission of sending an unmanned craft to the moon. India has chosen Israel as a strategic partner G2G in the field of agriculture. IIAP has been initiated in after signing a bilateral agreement between Indian and Israeli ministers of Agriculture Till date three phases of IIAP has been channeled.

Each IIAP phase lasts for three years —; —, — As a goal the CoE aims to serve the farmer with a focus on a key crop. Also in , Israel and India finalised an agricultural plan introducing crops native to the Middle East and Mediterranean to India, with a particular focus on olives. With the recent discovery of the Tamar and Levianthan gas fields off the coast of Israel , India has been one of the first countries to bid for an exploration license in order to extract and import natural gas from the Jewish State.

In , cultural artists and performers from India arrived in Israel to participate in a three-week festival commemorating 20 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. According to India's then Ambassador to Israel Navtej Sarna , the purpose of the festival was to improve the bilateral relationship between the two countries by facilitating a greater understanding of each other's culture. Yoga has proven to be immensely popular in Israel and is a sign of Israel's cultural connection to India. Around 40, Israelis, many of whom have just finished military service , [] visit India annually.

The number of tourists from India visiting Israel touched 15, in the year In , representatives from both countries met in Delhi, and planned to enhance tourism through collaboration in the spheres of destination management and promotion, as well as in manpower development.

Plans for tour-operators and travel agents in both countries to coordinate were also discussed. In March , Air India, operating flight number AI, became the first airline to fly non-stop from New Delhi to Tel Aviv , via the airspace of Saudi Arabia , overturning an overfly ban on flights to Israel that had lasted 70 years.

Currently, Air India is the only airline in the world that has been given such permission, and indicates a behind-the-scenes improvement in relations between Israel and the Arab world. In recent days, the success of the route has prompted the airline to increase the frequency of flights to one each day. In recent months, Israel has observed a constant rise in the number of Indian tourists to the country. Towards an additional effort to boost tourism from India, the Israeli government has simplified visa procedures for Indians who have already availed visas from either Canada , Australia , United States , Schengen countries or Israel and have completed their travel to these countries.

This is something unparalleled in human history. In August , amidst protests, [] a delegation of Indian Muslim leaders and journalists traveled to Israel. In , a second Hindu-Jewish summit took place in Jerusalem. On November , Israeli President Shimon Peres remarked, "I think India is the greatest show of how so many differences in language, in sects can coexist facing great suffering and keeping full freedom.

In , a large scale summit to further boost Hindu-Jewish cultural ties was organized by Indo-Israel Friendship Association in Mumbai.

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Israel’s fingerprints are all over India’s escalating conflict with Pakistan

Many important leaders like Subramanian Swamy attented the event. The history of the Jewish people in India dates back to ancient times. The better-established ancient communities have assimilated a large number of local traditions through cultural diffusion. The majority of Indian Jews have "made Aliyah " migrated to Israel since the creation of the modern state in In the beginning of the 21st century, new Jewish communities have been established in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and other cities in India.

The new communities have been established by the Chabad-Lubavitch movement which has sent rabbis to create those communities. The communities serve the religious and social needs of Jewish business people who have immigrated or visiting India, and Jewish backpackers touring India. The largest centre is the Nariman House in Mumbai. There are currently 33 synagogues in India , although many no longer function as such and today vary in their levels of preservation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diplomatic relations between the Republic of India and the State of Israel.

Further information: Hinduism and Judaism. Main article: Judaism in India.

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    Action Strategies for the Jewish Future

    January Middle Eastern Studies. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Retrieved 5 May Middle East Journal. Middle East Institute. Retrieved 30 April UN Bibliographic Information System. November 29, Retrieved June 24, May 5, The S. There is, however, an interesting catch. This measured statement stands in contrast to the traditional Indian position on Palestine.

    India’s Israel policy sees a shift under Narendra Modi

    This formulation has been repeated by other Indian leaders as well. Until last Tuesday, this was the position of the NDA government as well, with Modi himself accepting this formulation during the Fortaleza Declaration in July During his visit to Palestine in October , President Mukherjee also referred to East Jerusalem being the capital of the future Palestine state.

    This week, however, Modi has irreversibly transformed this position and, by not making any reference to Jerusalem, he has recognised the ground realities. Jerusalem, especially the Eastern part of the city, has layers of theological, historical, political and archaeological claims and contestations and has to be resolved through negotiations and mutual respect and accommodation. On April 15, , the member Executive Board of UNESCO adopted a resolution that explicitly endorsed exclusive Islamic claims and narratives over the city of Jerusalem without any reference to the Jewish history or the erstwhile presence of two Jewish temples in the city.