Playing Through Arthritis: How to Conquer Pain and Enjoy Your Favorite Sports and Activities

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You will also have several designs of prints to choose from. If you want a plain women's shoe, the option is there with several options in the list.

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If you have a flat foot, plantar fasciitis or fallen arch, then this shoe is in the market to save you the agony caused by these conditions. The shoe supports your and gives you maximum comfort without any need to buy insoles. Trendy and attractive Durable material Excellent shock absorber Removable insoles Memory foam insoles. It has adjustable buckles at the ankle and toe which allows you to adjust accordingly. The heel is 2. The size is not strenuous to your back and fully supports your weight. It has a padded insole that offers your feet optimum comfort.

The synthetic rubber outer sole is highly durable. The straps are made from pure leather and a metallic buckle for adjustment. The outer sole is made from synthetic rubber, thus highly durable. The inserts are padded to offer you maximum comfort and arch support with each step. The footwear is designed for men.

It has a raised heel that is meant to give the shoe an elegant outlook.

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This is a wedge that is meant to be worn in formal settings and professional setups. They are ideal for your dresses and formal trousers if you want to keep your feet free. The padded insole is ideal for arch support. The shoe is suitable for plantar fasciitis and other conditions which may affect your gait. The shoe corrects the condition without any impact on your back. ASICS uses a technology that aims at enhancing your natural gait from the heel strike to the toe-off. The upper part is made of textile and synthetic material. The rubber sole gives you a firm grip that keeps you grounded.

You need not worry if you have fasciitis because the manufacturer has catered for that. It will improve your trekking mileage and reduce the risk of an injury. Textile and synthetic materials are the components of the upper part of the footwear. The insole is made from foam technology to provide you with a soft footbed to absorb shock from your body.

This is a sporty shoe that comes in several colors. You can choose the best triple combination for your needs. It is known to be a pain alleviator through its advanced insole technology and soft inner lining. A wide range of colors Alleviates back pain Rectifies your gait Firm grip. This is one of the best shoes that come with an orthotic insole. The shoe alleviates pain from your joints, heel, hips and lower back. The insole is meant to add a springy impact on your step and provide a soft footbed for each muscle tissue.

It has a wide fit toe box to distribute pressure which could otherwise be sustained by your forefoot. The interior lining is padded to relieve pressure from all pressure points giving you maximum comfort. The dress shoe is engineered to offer solutions for diverse conditions like fasciitis, diabetic foot, arthritic feet, back pain, heel pain, and Morton's neuroma. The dress shoe facilitates your motion with motion control and enhances your stability. The upper outer part is made from leather that keeps it attractive all the time.

The insole is composed of Ortho-Cushion System for cushioning each part of your feet and for exemplary soothing massage effect. The outer sole is made from soft rubber that gives you a springy feel with each step. This is an official dress shoe that offers you comfort and pain relief from your condition.

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It comes in two colors- black or brown. It is non-bound with extra depth to hold your feet firmly and avoid slips as you take your strides. Your arch is fully supported with Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort. It has enhanced outer and insole technology that ensures that each step is cushioned and pressure is reduced to keep all your body parts comfortable. It is also laced to avoid strenuous gait while walking. These Vionic Spark Minna women's shoes are comfortable slip-on with leather upper and an outer rubber sole.

The upper part is breathable for maximum aeration. The inner lining is made of textile to give you a plush feel as you make each step.

Playing Through Arthritis: How to Conquer Pain and Enjoy Your Favorite Sports and Activities

The dress shoes are easy to remove and wear with a removable EVA cushioned footbed for maximum pressure absorption. They also give you a dressier appearance. The dress shoe is perfect for orthotics. The outer sole is pure rubber with EVA enhancement in the insole to give you a soft landing and distribute your weight evenly. The inner lining is composed of soft textile for optimum comfort. The outer upper part is made of leather for durability and ease in wiping the ballerina.

The Vionic Spark Minna shoes are excellent for dresses and will also do well with your pants.


They come in a range of colors offering you insurmountable choices. They are casual shoes that give you a classy outlook. They are ideal for people who have plantar fasciitis because they will help in feet alignment. It eases the pain, relieving your back from excess pressure. Light Easy to clean A wide range of colors Durable Low heel. This product comes with an ergonomic design that is meant to align your feet by placing them in an optimum position. The outer material is full grain leather or polyurethane.

It has playful and classy prints that give you a unique appearance. The laces will adjust the shoes to fit your feet perfectly and avoid slips while walking. The manufacturer offers you an extra pair of traditional laces. If you have bunions or plantar fasciitis, the shoes offer you a soft heel landing and an engineered feet alignment.

You will not only experience the comfort but also your pain will be relieved. They are also ideal for flat feet. The outer upper part is composed of full grain leather or printed polyurethane for long-term service.

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  • The outer sole is made from rubber while the inner lining is fabric. The insole is built with EVA cushion for a soft footbed. They have a sneaker outlook. You will find your favorite color or prints. If you love them in plain colors or multiple prints, you have several options. If you are looking for footwear that will offer your flat foot the needed arch support, the Nurse Mate Velocity will give you excellent service. It also provides you stability and keeps you planted on slippery floors. Light Attractive prints and plain colors Feet alignment Adjustable laces. Our last shoe on the list is a women's ankle boot.

    The shoe has a suede leather upper outer surface that gives you service for years. It has a zipper on the side that provides the shoe with a unique design. It has a microfiber-wrapped EVA footbed that is easily removable. It has a TR synthetic rubber outer sole that caps up the durability features. They are attractive with a slightly raised heel, probably 1 inch or less. If you want to have a dressier outlook, the boots are meant for you. They are engineered to support your arch and relieve any excess pressure on your feet. The outer material is suede leather that is easy to wipe and also serves you an extended period.

    The EVA footbed is essential in giving you a soft cushioning while walking. The outer sole is composed of synthetic rubber that is reliable in providing stability and preventing skidding.

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    • They are one of a kind on the list. A side zipper, suede leather, dressy outlook, and raised heel. If you are after something more than the ordinary to impress your wardrobe, the boot will do. It comes in three colors- black, greige and olive.