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Also, Heenan was a wordsmith of wordsmiths. Innately, Heenan understood how to toe the line between being an unlikable, dominant antagonist and a Bakhtin-style authority figure without any clothes. While Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant drew the house at the Pontiac Silverdome, it was Heenan that often provided the obnoxious voice for the monstrous heel in that pairing. These men talked and I was transfixed to the screen, and as someone not blessed with physical gifts other than height, I gravitated to words to fight many of my battles.

I began cutting promos in the bathroom mirror and learning to communicate with pace and style. I worked in professional wrestling for nearly ten years officially, much of the time with a microphone in my hand, and none of it would be possible without Bobby Heenan. We become what we ingest, both physically and psychologically. One of the reasons attending church has become so important to me is that it balances out the crud I allow to infect my weeks.

Professional wrestling has been a part of my diet since I was three feet tall, and remains so today. He was hilarious, but not in a cheap way. The Brain was a fun villain, but when the time came, he could be a dastardly one. Some of his promos bit me to the core, and Heenan was a master of eye contact with the camera, but never so much so that it felt artificial. He was speaking to us, and he was talking down to us.

Unlike so many wrestling heels of today, Bobby Heenan was never unwilling to humiliate himself to get someone else over in an angle. In , the heels want to be cool, they want to sell gimmicks, and they want to wear sunglasses and play the bully that gets the cheerleader in the end. Bobby Heenan always played the jerk, sometimes the geek, and did so with gusto. As he aged, he permitted even further self-injurious jesting. He ran from the real British Bulldog, Matilda, and dressed in a weasel costume to entertain the masses, amidst hundreds of other instances.

Yet, as much of a dork as he set himself up to be, he was still always taken seriously. Bobby Heenan was indelibly imprinted on our cultural hearts forever, regardless of what he was doing at any specific time. He was good at everything he did.

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In fact, he was great at it. In fact, he was the best manager ever, the best heel commentator ever, and one of the smartest men ever to step into the wrestling landscape in any capacity. Everyone respected Bobby Heenan. Everyone respects Bobby Heenan. Everyone will always respect Bobby Heenan. He grasped entertainment and saw his role within that construct. His ego was never bigger than the shows he worked. He was a cog in the machine that by sheer force of will, intellect, and savvy, became one of the most simultaneously beloved and reviled figures of that era.

When he left managing behind, or even when he lessened that side of his workload, he just kept on talking. He was effortlessly funny, and his lines could bring you to your knees. When Shawn Michaels famously turned on his longtime tag partner, Marty Jannetty, superkicking him through a barbershop window set, Heenan quipped that Marty jumped through the glass to escape and called it an act of cowardice.

Without Heenan, I may never get into drama and performance in high school, but without a doubt, I never start writing about pro wrestling in the late s. I never become that great at speaking quickly sans Brain, using large words and rich descriptions along the way. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Jan 01, Mr. Pease rated it really liked it.

Bobby Fischer’s Pathetic Endgame

As is to be expected from one of the most colorful personalities in the history of wrestling, The Brain's first book is a hilarious set of anecdotes from his years in the business. A must-read for fans of wrestling from the 80s to today. Apr 29, Andy Vitale rated it it was amazing. Definitely avoided the boring backstory and kept me entertained throughout. As a fan of The Brain, I had high hopes for this one and it delivered in a way that I wasn't expecting. It's a memoir that details Heenan's life in wrestling and is a blast to read because it's done exactly the way you expect.

All Brain, all the time. It's Heenan detailing not so much his private life, but his professional life and he has a lot of great stories to tell. If you're not a fan of wrestling or even Heenan's you probably won't enjoy it the way a fan would because it's not the type of As a fan of The Brain, I had high hopes for this one and it delivered in a way that I wasn't expecting.

If you're not a fan of wrestling or even Heenan's you probably won't enjoy it the way a fan would because it's not the type of bio you read to learn about the person, but the life they lived in the profession they chose. There's a great deal said about WCW and Heenan even wrestled a bear once. This is a book for fans of prowrestling written by one of the greatest managers of all time.

Jun 09, GilliansCafe rated it it was amazing. In spite of his villainies or maybe even because of them, I liked him. He talked big and then he got his head handed to him. Who doesn't like to see a loud mouth get shown up? But he was different from the other guys.


Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All by Bobby Heenan

Heenan had a natural whit and sarcasm that could make you laugh, even as you were watching Greg Gagne or Andre the Giant give him what for! I'm now reading his second book, "Chair Shots" and while I won't go into too much on that one just yet Pardon the language. He talked about how, if you don't want to become premature parents, don't do what will make you parents, or at least cover yourself In some respects If you need a light , humorous and insightful bedtime read, I recommend both Bobby the Brain and Chair Shots Feb 07, Nial rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction.

A fun book with good stories as I was a fan of his growing up. The only problem is that he goes from one time period to the next and would have been better if he kept going in a straight line.

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Stories are great though but it just needed someone to keep him on track! Sep 09, Jeff Lynsky rated it it was amazing. After having read a number of the recent biographies of wrestlers Foley, Dynamite, Angle etc , and enjoying them, I thought I'd take a look at this one. The book begins with a look at how Bobby got started in the business, and continues to go through is early days of managing in the 60's, going through the various territories that exis After having read a number of the recent biographies of wrestlers Foley, Dynamite, Angle etc , and enjoying them, I thought I'd take a look at this one.

ISBN 13: 9781478357346

Going into the seventies, the book gives an account of his time spent working for the Gagne's in Miineapolis AWA , before moving onto the 80's and the period of his career when he became a national star, while working for Vince McMahon in the WWF. Bobby didn't have many kind words for the organization, or many of the people who worked there. There are many instances in the book, where something or someone is just brushed over in a paragraph, where a whole chapter would have been more appropriate.

Apr 02, John rated it it was amazing. He was so damn good on the mic. This book is great because it's just him telling stories. I wish it was way longer though; his time in the business would probably see a book the length of Webster's. Jan 27, Joe Bohn rated it really liked it. Fun read. The book may not be structured perfectly but it brings Bobby spirit back to life.

There is a lot of heart, laughter and wrestling wisdom in these stories. Sep 24, Scott rated it really liked it. There were a lot of great stories from a great personality. It was a little disjointed at times, but it felt like conversation with a wrestling legend. RIP Brain. Jul 28, Bookreader rated it liked it. Not the best wrestler bio, not the worst. Jumps around a lot, but thankfully it's not overly long like some wresting bios. The book got 3 stars because I couldn't give it 2.

To be honest, it's not the worst wrestling book that I've read, and I have read a few, but it's just the disjointed narrative that I didn't like about this one. Although, that said, I can imagine that sitting having a conversation with Bobby Heenan would be a lot like reading this book, with him jumping from one story to the next and leaving you with a feeling that he didn't quite finish up the previous story in its entirety. But for long time wrestling fans there is a lot of good in this book if you can get past the slightly annoying narrative style, from how the business has changed from the old territory days, right up to the monopoly of the business by the WWE, or WWF as it was when the book was written.

I guess I'd recommend it more for long term wrestling fans rather than those who have just come to it in recent years as they won't have a clue who half the people mentioned in the book even are, and for the long time fans it's interesting but not really in depth enough.