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As I understand it, a "pinche" is a scullery maid.

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She could be called a cook's helper, but her main job is cleaning pots and pans. This is the least prestigious job in the kitchen, the one requiring the least talent, ability, and experience. It's easy to understand how this word could imply "worthless". I see "pinche" in Mexico less as "fucking" than as "damn, darn, crappy, worthless, no-good" etc. In Nicaragua, "pinche" means "tightfisted, stingy" etc. Anglo Bilingue.

Here in Texas, in 'Tex-Mex' piche means 'fing. Depende del contexto.. By danielr in forum French Translation. Replies: 3 Last Post: , PM.

Replies: 2 Last Post: , PM. Replies: 7 Last Post: , AM.

Correct translation for the phrase "love life" and "hate death"? Replies: 11 Last Post: , AM. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Copyright - English Spanish Translator. It is used to express disagreement and mock offence to something someone has just said e. Yo siempre llego a las 8. You always get to work late don't you? Listen to this one! I'm always here at 8. Parar bolas - Means to pay attention to something or someone e.

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Used in an almost identical way to por si acaso. In Colombia however, it is the most frequently used form of saying sorry. What a pain. The phrase ser rico , to be rich, is most frequently heard when described tasty food. Berraco — This one has so many meanings, we've had to dedicate the explanation a whole other post.

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Depending on the context, it can mean awesome, highly capable or intelligent, angry, grumpy or complicated. Read more here. Cantaleta - Cantaleta describes a telling off, or a nagging. Quit your nagging, I'm doing it already".

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Charro — In Antioquia charro is very commonly used to say something is funny, in the sense of amusing. Shall we meet there at 7pm? OK, cool. Chicanear — to boast or show off e.

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The equivalent verb in international Spanish would be alardear. Gas - A word sometimes heard to express disgust about something, similar to the English word 'gross' e. It is only ever used as a self-contained exclamation so cannot be used as an adjective, or with the verbs ser or estar. Macheteado — Coming from the verb to hit something with a machete, this term is also employed as a metaphor for damaging or ruining something, particularly in the context of foreign languages.

Maluco — Meaning bad or in some way unpleasant e. Pintoso — Pintoso is used to describe a man use of the female version of the term is much rarer who is good looking, but does not imply that the speaker is attracted to them. As such, it is a more neutral term and is the one you are most likely to hear a male use if wishing to say another man is good looking.

An alternative version is to say simply tiene pinta. Play - The polar opposite of the above. An object or, less commonly, a person that is posh or flashy. Regalado — Something that is considered a bargain is generally referred to as regalado , regalar being the verb to give something as a present but with a broader use in Colombia. Apenas , pesos. How much did the bike cost you? Only , pesos. Traqueto - The criminal underworld has a whole load of its own slang terms. A traqueto is one of these. Don't use within earshot of anyone you suspect could be one Vaina — The meaning of this term depends on the context in which it is used.

One use is roughly equivalent to the English term stuff, a word to describe an undetermined thing e. It also is used to describe problems or difficult situations, for example, Q.

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What a pain, what are we going to do now? An additional use is in the phrase echar vaina , meaning to be irritating or annoying. Tweet Share on Facebook Pin It. Colombian Slang Greetings The first bits of Colombian slang you'll need are those which crop up when greeting your new Colombian buddies so this is a logical place for us to start too.

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Please try again later. Looking to turbo charge your Colombian Spanish? Off to Colombia? Written by Peter. Updated a year ago. Colombia Beaches Surfing in Colombia Long coastlines provide plenty of opportunity to ride the waves.