The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told (Best Stories Ever Told)

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But unlike his previous podcasts, which switch from one topic to another, Unobscured looks at once overarching story: the Salem Witch Trials. Time has taken it away from us. Knock Once For Yes is hosted by British couple Fritz and Lil, who love nothing more than settling in for a good ghost story. Their Paranormal Postcard: Apethorpe episode is an autumnal installment with a lively variety of stories, from a strange night spent in a historic hotel, to ghost-hunting at a summer camp that got a little too real.

And Lil goes on a quest to Apethorpe Hall, which many believe to be haunted by the noblewoman who lived there over years ago. Unspookable is something completely different: a kid-friendly podcast featuring all queer, women creatives, exploring the history, science, and power dynamics of myths and urban legends.

Whether or not you have kids in your general vicinity, Unspookable is great listening. Their first episode, hosted by artist Elise Parisian, examines that most classic of creepy urban legends: Bloody Mary. Using a variety of sources, including interviews with kids, Elise takes a look not just at the possible origin stories for the legend, but the cultural norms behind the theories, the science behind the rituals, and the reasons why no slumber party is complete till someone tries to summon Bloody Mary.

Every episode of the podcast takes up one baffling, unexplained story, told with a calm, measured voice that can be thoughtful, even wistful. The result is polished, carefully constructed, and incredibly creepy. Whether you can answer it or not, Unexplained will have you pondering the question. Advertisers: Contact Us.

20 Creepy Ghost Story Podcasts That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween

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20 Creepy Ghost Story Podcasts That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween

If you're really into spine-crawling horror stories, then you're probably already familiar with Reddit's spooky NoSleep subreddit. The thread is made up of horrifying tales from users, and the NoSleep Podcast is basically an extension of that. Every two weeks, the podcast features original stories from the thread, and they're always terrifying. Horror buffs know that the American South is full of spine-tingling ghost stories.

The Moonlit Road is a podcast that focuses on these ghost stories and dark legends, which are both interesting and terrifying.

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  • 20 Creepy Ghost Story Podcasts That Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween.

The Wrong Station doesn't update quite as regularly as some of the other podcasts listed here, but still: the short and fictional episodes are so scary that it couldn't be left off. Knifepoint Horror is a fantastically creepy podcast full of stories about ghosts and other supernatural happenings. Narrated by Soren Narnia, these stories describe events exactly as they happened. There's a lot of detail, and all of them are going to make it hard for you to sleep at night. If you're looking for both real and fictional ghost stories, you'll probably love this podcast.

It's scary, funny, and entertaining. The Wicked Library is a bi-weekly podcast that tells horror stories by new and independent authors. These are all original short stories narrated along with musical scoring to make things extra creepy.

The Best Paranormal Crime Stories Ever Told

The Black Tapes podcast is another popular one — so popular it even has its own dedicated subreddit. This one is actually a fictional story of a public radio journalist who gets involved in the paranormal world — so, instead of a mix of stories, it's one continuous narrative. There are demons, ghosts, missing persons cases, and more. Make sure to start with the first episode! Spooked began as a special episode of the podcast Snap Judgment, and was so popular that it became its own show.

This one is all real stories from real people about ghosts, monsters, curses, and more paranormal activity. It's terrifying, creepy, and will take away all your sleep. Alice Isn't Dead is another spooky podcast that is about one story rather than a whole bunch of short stories. It's a series of audio diaries from a truck driver who is searching for her wife who she thought was dead.

The stories about all of her mysterious encounters and paranormal dangers, and is super entertaining. If you're looking for lots of episodes, check out Anything Ghost , which has been around since This one is more real ghost stories by real people, with a mix of the host, Lex Wahl, reading personal experiences and also local ghost legends, as well as real callers telling their own stories. For all things spooky and creepy, tune into Shadowland. The whole podcast isn't totally Halloween focused although there are two episodes called "All Kinds Of Haunted," which is all about the supernatural , but it covers all sorts of mysterious topics that will give you goosebumps. The series is a unique take on the Sweeney Todd tale and is about a woman named Dolores Roach who is hiding underground in New York City, although, as you may have guessed, she isn't alone there's Mole People!


The second season is even spookier and is the perfect weird story to get into Halloween with. This is also the perfect time to watch it, since the first season is being turned into a TV show. If you're not looking for one specific storyline and want to hear a bunch of scary stories, you'll love The Creeping Hour. Hosted by the Creeps three friends who say they've "listened to so many scary stories that they turned into monsters themselves" , it's a horror anthology series.

Each episode tells a different creepy tale. Scary stories always feel a whole lot scarier when they're based on something that might actually be real. In the podcast Ghost Town , Jason Horton and Rebecca Leib use each episode to talk about some of the most mysterious places out there, which will completely open your mind.

Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed (#2)

You'll listen to episodes about haunted hotels, spooky old legends, weird investigations, and so much more. Parcast Presents recently released season two of their show, Parcast Presents: Halloween , which is completely focused on Halloween. The second season will discuss myths, legends, and true crime stories that will seriously give you nightmares.

Some episodes focus on mysterious legends like Kraken or more modern scary stories like The Slenderman. They'll also talk about haunted spots, criminal cases, and real life villains.