The Curious Cat: A story for children who love animals

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Abusing animals is a neon sign that a parent needs to get help for their kid.

Childhood animal cruelty can be normal or a red flag.

I have a neighbor boy who is 6 years old that I was told he is autistic after he killed two kittens we had. He smashed one's head in and then snapped another kittens neck right in front of my son and through it at his feet and kicked it. When the parents was told what had happened they said owe he has autism it's okay. I was really to shocked to even reply to his comment, but I was so angered and fearing for something to happen to my own children, because what if the boy decides to hurt another child or even worse kill them.

I feel I can't be mad at the kid because of his disease, so I feel the parents need to be held responsible for not taking care of the child properly or monitoring him at all times so he doesn't do it again.

Why Children Love Animals

I was told later by neighbors that this wasn't the first time he has killed an animal, it will make it five that everyone knows about. I don't know what I should do should I call children services or the police, because I'm afraid I'm going to lose my temper and hurt someone. Thank you for listening. I was a badly abused child but it cause me to turn to animals for companionship, not abuse them.

L tends to control all the toys, even when there is an entire room of toys to play with, he wants the one that R has and has no remorse for going straight up to him and taking it. I passed by to see him being rough with the dogs and giggling synically, and then he threw the baby puppy at the other dogs very maliciously. I spanked him very hard and punished him. I have never been much of a spanker at all because we do not condone violence, not even violent TV shows, but that was completely unacceptable.

Later that week, his teacher told us he was smashing snails in the class aquarium.

Animals and child safety - Better Health Channel

Then today, my wife calls me when I am at work telling me that our pitbull had an accident in the house and while she was cleaning it up, she heard L yelling outside, and she finds L chasing after the pitbull and hitting him with a shovel and calling him a "stupid dog". Now my wife calls me and said he hit his brother. We are trying to address this as carefully as we possibly can. We sent him to a very helpful counsellor who tells us that he has very high signs of oppositional defiant disorder, but the only options after this are doctors that follow him around for hours and observe his behavior and cost WAY too much money.

She spoke to us about medicine, possibly seratonin, but I want to keep meds as a very last resort because of my own personal problems with ADHD meds, but am willing if it makes a significant change. Can anyone recommend ANY other option that will keep me from having to work a third job?? Thank you for your article. I have suffered serious abuse as a child, and I have abused animals as a child to, which I now find horrific. I have my own pet now, which I love and care for very very much.

I have been quite depressed lately, and keep remembering the horrible things I've done, so I'm trying to understand it so I can forgive myself and not hate myself. I have an 8 year old son and just 3 days ago got our first puppy and today this afternoon my 8year old and he's brother screamed out saying the puppy was dead because it wasn't moving, so my husband took the puppy to the vet and I stayed home with the kids aND asked what had happened, my 8year old said he was playing with the puppy throwing the puppy up in the air and catching the puppy but that the puppy had fallen to the grown and after the puppy fell instead of letting me know he put the puppy to sleep in he's bed because the puppy looked tire and that the puppy wasn't moving, after putting the puppy in he's bed for about minutes that's when my kids noticed the dog wasn't moving and that's when they called to me.

My question is after he told me all this I asked why he didn't just tell me when the puppy first fell, even though he knew playing with a puppy like that was a big No he still did it, he was crying and kept on crying for about an hour and a half after but I'm concerned should I take him to talk to a therapist or was it really just an accident.

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Please read and answer me. I have a 7 year old step daughter, she will be 8 this summer. The first time I caught her being mean to my car I was sitting in the kitchen, eating cereal. She didn't know I was in there. Ana was running around the living room full speed and jumping out and kind of clawing and blowing at the cat when she passed by him. He is blind. He was obviously distressed, hissing and starting to smack at her.

Featured Cat

She just laughed and then would take off running again then do it again. I watched her do it 3 times before I yelled out to her to stop. She froze and slowly looked around the whole room and said "where are you? The 2nd time we were sitting in the living room, her on the floor me on the couch, and she was dangling a shoe string in front of the cat and he was swatting at it. After a few minutes all of a sudden it turned into violently smacking him with it, whipping it back behind her then striking him in the face with it as hard as she could.

I realize that it sounds like that might not hurt so bad but I could HEAR the "thwack" when it hit him. He kind of jumped up and crouched like he was trying to hide and had his ears back and started growling and hissing. I jumped up and and yelled stop! Are you kidding me? Your hurting him why would you want to hurt him? Ana just shut down she put her head down and refused to talk to me. I ended up, after discussing it with her dad, taking the ipad from her for the whole next day and we lectured her about how mean that was and how if she wouldn't stop doing it, we would get rid of our pets.

Yesterday we went to my grandmas house. Ana played catch with the dog for about half an hour then came and sat down on the swing. She started to swing and my grandmas dog came walking down the porch towards her. I watched her face and eyes. She watched the dog walk closer and closer and didn't slow down swinging. When the dog got to her she swung and and hit the dog with the swing, which knocked her down. I said Ana don't hit the dog!

If you see her coming your way just stop swinging until she gets past you. She ignored me and kept swinging. A few minutes later she did it again. My grandma turned around this time and said oh sweetie don't do that your hurting her.

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  • Ana started swinging harder and harder. She ended up going back so far she crashed into this old stove my grandma keeps outside on the porch as decoration, I told her to stop swinging so hard and she ignored me and kept doing it, and kept hitting the stove. My grandma then begged her to stop. She ignored her, and kept doing it.

    This went on 3 more times until I lost my patience and stood up and yelled that's it your done stop swinging your not listening and your being rude. She stopped and looked at me with the meanest look I've ever seen and wouldn't say anything.

    This problem I'm having with her doing things she knows are wrong or mean and enjoying it, seem to be getting worse. I don't know what to do anymore I took her iPad away for the week for this last incident it happened Sunday a few hours before she went back to her mom's house where she lives when we had the conversation about it in the car with her dad she shut down and wouldn't talk to either of us and just looked down and hung her head.

    When we told her she lost her iPad for the week she completely LOST IT and started screaming and swung on her dad when he reached back to take it out of her bag then started screaming she hates him. She didn't say another word after that until her mom picked her up. She wouldn't say she loved us back. She wouldn't answer questions about it she had everything. She just ignored us and got in her mom's car. He just wants to tell her not to do it again, and that it was mean, and leave it at that. I don't think it's normal and think it indicates HUGE future problems and always suggest consequences that may or may not happen, depending on my fiance.

    But no matter what, it's a fight. He says it's because she has adhd and can't help it. I know that isn't true. It may give her impulses but it does not make her harm animals.