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Overall - A well crafted pale ale that showcases the balance between malts and hops. This one is on the cusp of an American Pale Ale. Another winner from Great Lakes. Pours with a small thick head. Similar consistency to a stout. A muted smell of hops is present, nothing too unorthodox or particularly distinct for a pale ale. The taste of hops is present at once as the devil's brew enters my mouth.

A heavy, heavy taste of malts sets in immediately afterwards, providing balance to the hops. Slightly alcoholic aftertaste. Mouthfeel is sublime - more carbonated than I would have expected for a brew this dark, but quite smooth none the less.

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A great local Ontario brew for those that enjoy the more traditional pale ales but aren't afraid to try something different. At first, I didn't understand why this brew was named the Devil's Pale Ale. After all, it's magnificently balanced and doesn't have an extreme kick, nor does it throw any curveballs. But after kicking back a couple, I noticed that I was rockin' quite the buzz.

Perhaps it's smooth feel and balanced taste was more insidious than I had thought; perhaps the Dark Lord was truly behind this splendid ale. This can has been sitting in my fridge ever since because I knew when I first picked this up that because it has in its title, I wanted to save this beer to drink and review for my th beer review for Beeradvocate. It eventually settles to a nice thick ring lining the inside of the glass along with some nice big cluster swirls of foam on the beer's surface.

The color is certainly darker than just about any other pale ale I have had before. Aromas of some toasty toasty caramel malt sweetness along with hints of brown sugar and molasses and some piney hops. The flavors pretty much follow suit, with nice roasted caramel malt, brown sugar and molasses sweetness upfront that gives way to a good piney hop bitterness along with some grapefruit citrus.

A very nice mix and balance of flavors.

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The bitterness really lingers after each sip. Has a crisp, yet smooth and frothy, slightly chewy, slightly oily, medium bodied mouthfeel with light to moderate carbonation. This one really coats the inside of my mouth and hangs around for awhile after each sip. Easy to drink, and you really just want to sip the hell out of this one and feel a bit regretful upon realizing the glass is almost empty.

The devil made these guys brew a damn good, solid beer here! Appearance - dark mahogany color capped by a nice fluffy two finger tan head. Too dark to see much inside the beer in term bubbles or clarity. Good retention and some sticky lacing left behind.

Great Lakes Devil's Pale Ale | Great Lakes Brewery | BeerAdvocate

Smell - mild caramel malts balanced by a leafy hop aroma dominate. It's pretty straightforward, but well executed. Taste - leafy hop flavours that turn into a grapefruit citrus flavor with some lemon. Some caramel mealtimes in between but this is fairly hop forward for an English ale. Mouthfeel - smooth and creamy with a dry finish. Reasonable well carbonated and great feel overall. Overall - this is a beer that isn't outstanding in any area but is just really solid across the board, highly drinkable, with enough hop forward presence for hopheads but a nice balance that will appeal to newer craft beers drinkers.

Really solid and should be a staple in my fridge going forward. Update - Re-reviewed December 6, Comments are largely the same, but overall, this was even more delicious than the last time I had it. Most of the time when revisiting beers they can only meet or sometimes fail to live up to whatever rating I had previously given them. This is one that has a great big flavor bomb especially as far as English ales go.

Nothing subtle about it, but really great for my taste buds. Big smell of pine, really green, almost dank, faint roasted malts and caramel. Pretty overwhelmed by hops. Taste is bitter from start to finish: from roasted malts with a bit of caramel sweetness, to big pine resin and bitter grass, then both of them at the end, with a really bitter finish. Aftertaste is all dried up by it. Citrus comes off from the hops, with nice tangerines and grapefruit, faint peaches, there're also some faint roasted nuts and earthiness, but pine resin and hop oils are the stars.

Medium body and carbonation, just a bit sticky and oily. Fits the bill. Quite the hop bomb, a bit of a one trick pony. Still, I found the roughness of it to be bearable and really enjoyed it. Probably the darkest pale ale I've ever seen. Deep mahogany brown with some faint light chestnut hues. Head forms nice and evenly with soapy retention. Four fingers tall with soapy bubbles and one of the most uniform pucks and islands I've ever seen.

Lots of soapy thick lacing to match. Small hints of caramel and light brown sugar toast. Some faint roast and very faint smoke like tobacco notes as well on this. Kind of interesting not sure where this is going, hints at more roasty porter and brown ale character. First sip is lightened pale ale body, with a nearly wet but controlled and coating mouthfeel. Large hop steely grapefruit character on the palate and quick hop pine bitterness. More of the citrus angle lingers but also get a bit metallic twinge a bit with hints of faint smoke.

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Repeat sips bring more of the hop action coming, with zest and oils. Overall, a big surprise and not what I was expecting after first appearances and smells. A real fun pale ale, and easy drinker also. Its bubbles looked from the pour no stronger than what you'd get from a can of Coke but ended up churning out a decent amount of foam. The beer smells as 'amber' as it looks: it oozes loads of darkly toasted, caramelized crystal malts and piny, resinous hops. There's also a great deal of roast pecan-like nuttiness, maybe even a dash of cocoa powder.

It's a flavour straight out a toffee-glazed sponge cake. Devils Pale Ale has a hoppiness that is resiny and vinous, reminiscent of pine or spruce serum. It's like being whacked over the palate with a tree branch and the aftertaste tastes as though it contains clumps of wet grass clippings. It has some citrus too, but is not terribly bitter. In fact, there is a nutty, faintly nougat-like sweetness courtesy of the malts that distracts from those pithy, earthy qualities. Combined with the light roastiness, one easily forgets about the initial rush of bitter herbals and the mind quickly turns to dessert.

Or at least another sip. Devil's Pale Ale is not devilishly hoppy nor sinfully delicious, but enough of both to make it a solid, sessionable beer, especially for those that like the combination of toasty amber malt and Pacific Northwest-style hopping. It's not one I buy often, but it's one that's never disappointing. Bistre brown in color with medium carbonation evident.

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666 Devils Brew

Item location see all Item location. Ireland Only. European Union. Show only see all Show only. Free postage. Completed listings. Sold listings. More refinements It was pure yellow devil's brew! I have never had such an exquisitely horrible taste in my mouth EVAR! I had it one time and then threw it away!

Any cold symptom, even pneumonia, was preferable.

I'm kinda sad this came before my generation. IDK, there are times when I'd sell my soul to feel better.

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