The Long Walk Home

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It is still in full-screen and does not contain any bonus features. A widescreen DVD is available in Spain. The Long Walk Home received mostly positive reviews from critics.

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Roger Ebert gave the film three and a half out of four stars, praising the performances by Spacek and Goldberg, while criticizing some aspects of the film, like the inclusion of a white "narrator". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Long Walk Home disambiguation. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles, California.

The Long Walk Home

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The Long Walk Home

One of the women is black, a maid in an affluent neighborhood, a hard-working woman who goes home after a long day and does all of the same jobs all over again for her family. The other woman is white, the wife of a successful businessman.

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She works, too. She doesn't have a paid job, but in in Montgomery, Ala. These characters are confronted by a historic moment.

One day in Montgomery a black woman named Rosa Parks, who had worked hard and was tired, refused to stand up in the back of the segregated bus when there was an empty seat in the front. Her action, born out of a long weariness with the countless injustices of discrimination, inspired the Montgomery bus boycott, which was led by a young local preacher named Martin Luther King Jr. For a woman like Odessa Cotter Whoopi Goldberg , however, the eventual verdict of history could not have been easily guessed on the day she decided to join thousands of other Montgomery blacks in refusing to take the bus.

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She simply knew how she felt, and acted on it, and started to walk to work every day. That meant getting up a couple of hours earlier in the morning, and getting home long after dark at night, and it meant blisters on her heels. It also meant inconvenience for her employer, Miriam Thompson Sissy Spacek , who had a house to keep and a husband to feed, and who took her duties as a wife very solemnly - suppressing the obvious reality that she was married to a jerk. Odessa is not eager for her employer to discover she is honoring the boycott - she doesn't want to risk losing her job - but one day Miriam finds out, and decides that she will give the maid a ride in her car a couple of days a week.

This decision of course would enrage Miriam's husband, a self-satisfied bigot named Norman Dwight Schultz , but Miriam doesn't tell him, and when he finds out, she defends her action as part of her job as a dutiful housewife.