The Men Behind Mob Wives: Joseph Ferragamo, Louis Facciolo and Bruno Facciolo

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Ask a question. Pricing policy About our prices. We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it. See more details at Online Price Match. Then Marissa arrives in her Bikini to fight Brittany about this issue.

But the two are separated. While Marissa talks to Renee and Carla when Karen came by to try resolve the problem. Finally the girls get to confront each other about the problem.

The Men Behind Mob Wives - eBook

Brittany ask Marissa on why she has a problem with her. But Marissa calmly told her to relax which Brittany defensively refused not to. Then start asking Marissa again on the problem. Marissa says the only one who said cheerleader was Renee.

Which she admitted from Marissa. Tensions get really high when Brittany keeps on asking. Suddenly the girls fight, leading Marissa to punch Brittany on her forehead and kicking her. Then Security came in and separated both of them. Renee told Brittany to stop. But Brittany went crazy and tries to throw a box at Marissa But security guards were in the way. Then Drita talk to Brittany on not fighting in public and suggest to her to go into the parking lot.

Which Karen eavesdrops on their conversation. Then Marissa thinks that Brittany was talking about her with Drita. Then Brittany yells that she was raised in a barn. Which Marissa insults her by calling her a horse. Especially Brittany. Marissa was confused on why Drita stay neutral when she and Brittany fought. Drita was shocked to hear on who says this.

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Marissa implied that everybody said it. Finally Drita becomes very upset and now becomes hurt by the truth on why Karen ruining their relationship.

Mob Wives: Carla vs Renee [HD]

Then at a pizza restaurant, Drita arranges a meeting to confront Karen. Brittany is there to support her and then try to fight Marissa. Then Brittany gets involved by arguing with Marissa. Then trying to tell to fight one more time. But Marissa says that she already fought her. This infuriated Drita when she hit the table and security gets them.

'Mob Wives' Other Halves: Imprisoned Husbands

Brittany try to hit them by throwing plates. Renee Graziano is the daughter of reputed Bonanno crime family leader, Anthony "T. Renee Graziano is also the ex-wife of Hector Pagan Jr. This is because Renee considers this to be loyalty, he and her father are close with each other, and they have a son together, AJ Pagan. Junior and AJ make multiple appearances of the show. During the second season Renee and Hector being to work things out and Hector moves back in with Renee and her son.

Renee struggles between moving on with her life to better herself, and remaining loyal to the mafia lifestyle. Salvatore or Sammy was the underboss of the Gambino crime family and close friend John Gotti until his arrest and cooperation with the federal government. He is considered the man that helped bring down John Gotti, and the mob. Since then they have had a strong friendship and alliance and they both strictly abide to the mob morals they grew up with such as honor, loyalty, and respect.

Karen wants people to see her for who she is and not for who her father was. And had a negative history with Drita when she talked about her husband, Lee. The only family members Carla initially wishes to discuss is her ex-husband Joseph Ferragamo, who did time for a boiler room scandal on wall street that resulted in his indictment and her losing her job. They both met when she was a supervisor to him at their job where committed the scandal. It is later revealed that her uncle, Bruno Facciolo , is an alleged mafioso who worked under Paul Vario in the Lucchese crime family.

Carla grew up with Renee and they are close friends. Prison is not seen as a big deal to Carla as many of the men in her life have gone away to prison and it lost its shock value. Carla terminated her contract with VH1 after season 3. She can be known as the normal one in the group and second oldest.

She involved herself in the street life when she began hanging around street guys. She is known for being easily angered, and for being a fighter, however she has tried to calm that side of her self down and now unwillingly acts as a middle man because she easily gets along with everyone. With her husband now out of prison, she strives to return to the normal family life she grew up with and raise her kids in the same manner.

She is aggressive and Assertive when necessary. He wears a wire to collect evidence of the crimes committed by the people around him so that they may be prosecuted by the federal government. After this operation Ruggiero was put away and a price was put over his head for allowing that to happen, but he is later forgiven by the mob. Her grandfather died in prison of cancer. Throughout Ramona's childhood she was left in the dark about her family's mafia ties until Ruggiero was arrested and was rudely awakened by the sudden discovery of her family ties.

Ramona is a proud mother, and upholds a tough and strong personality and refuses to back down to anybody who does wrong to her or her family and friends. She also struggles to leave the mob life behind her for herself and her daughters. Her middle-eastern ex-husband was thought by her to be a legitimate person and not a man involved in illegal activities, but later finds out he is dealing with business connected to the mob.

She goes to live with him in Jordan but struggles to leave with her kids and has a difficult time with legal issues, which prevented her from joining the show for season 1 after being invited to do so. During season 3 she revealed she was engaged to incarcerated mobster, Joseph "Joey Boy" Sclafani , who is serving 15 years on drug charges. She is close friends with Karen Gravano, as they have known each other since early childhood. While not related by blood they have such a close relationships they consider each other cousins. Ramona terminated her VH1 contract with Karen and Carla after season 3.

She even gets in fights with Drita. Crooks had a street code of ethics and nobility that seems to be gone. OK, I hear ya, Now that I reread it I agree noble, ethical, endearing are better for describing little old ladies in church. But there was a code and accountability. Example: Mike is arrested for stabbing a man selling tools and is locked up for 5 years. Henry got the tools off of the loading dock at Sears from his cousin.

A fight broke out over price, there was a scuffle between 3 or 4 guys and one was stabbed. Mike was the first arrested , kept his mouth shut, and served 5 years in State Prison. This was Mike was my Uncle. The Punks running the streets today do transactions like this in broad daylight, in crowed shopping centers, and start shooting with total dis regauard for the innocents trying to buy groceries. When I was old enough I did walk away.

I would take the side of Louis and say he was back stabbed? I looked on the SSN death index and there have been no Louis F's die except maybe a great grandfather, born in The SSN death index is interesting, you can search it by last name only- I don't think the man's dead.

I don't have it in front of me, but yesteday when I checked, only the brother was on there. Hey Love! I have searched. However, not the Louis Facciolo we believe is Carla's father. I understand the point of you view you come from.