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Taealha asks what happened. The maid starts to say what happened. Taealha asks where Saya is, is he in the great church? Now we go to the Great Church where Saya is speaking. He says that he is going to serve Tanya. One of the women in the audience thinks that Saya really looks like Eunsom. Saya keeps speaking and says that Tanya will lead the church. He then kneels in front of Tanya and extends his hand for her to hold it. Tanya is a bit lost and does not know what to do so he has to whisper that this is custom.

So she holds his hand and he stands to walk with her. One woman in the audience asks another if this is really custom? The other woman says she does not know, this is the first time she has seen it. They keep walking like this. He says it is custom, just learn to do it.

But she says it is a bit uncomfortable. He tells her its custom and keeps talking to her as they walk with the other maids following them. Tanya talks about her people so he asks if she will keep talking about them? Sh says that they are all related because they are all people so she worries about them.

Tanya also asks Saya if he ever worries about his brother? He is confused with the question, but says that if he has a brother then it does not matter because he has never seen them. Meanwhile, The soldiers leave Tagon and say that it does not matter who the real mother is, Taealha is the official mother. Then they see Saya walking hand in hand with Tanya.

They all wonder why he is holding her hand, lol. When the procession gets to them, they all kneel. They tell Saya that they are going to the shouting mountain. Tanya asks where Moobaek is.

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So they tell her that he is in the white mountain. Then they keep walking off. But one of the guards the crescent moon guy is so annoyed that he saw tanya and starts to storm off and kick the dirt. In the White Mountain, one of the priestess tells the former high priest that they asked Tagon and Tanya to come. They can think about what to do next, when they come.

But the man priest is quiet, he thinks that Tagon will be like a living god. The mother priestess says that Tagon is not the problem, they can have a bigger disaster in Asadal. Tagon is the one that can stop it.

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But the man is worried because he cannot see the gods anymore without holy smoke. So he cannot see what she sees anymore.

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Later on, the former high priest walks off with the younger priest as they go up the cave. A mysterious man follows as well. The mysterious man walks away as the young man asks them if they should?

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Are you sure? In the palace, Taealha shows off their new flag to tagon. It is a huge flag on the floor and looks like an intricate ruge of a horse fighting a dragon or something like that.

She tells him that they will be one, their name will be one as well. It will be the name of the land and the name of the country.

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Tagon wonders, so we become a country? She says yes. We will be a song. Instead of the other gods, we will be the song itself. You are the strongest already for awhile. You can do anything you want. But you are reserved and hesitating and you need to get love from people about the union. Is my love not enough? TG — The end of people in power is gruesome if that person does not have any love from people.

I know why. He starts to explain why he thinks things go that way and tells Taealha that she should lvoe him also. She says that she will because he did all this with the love of people and accomplished all of this without drawing blood. He says, becasue you were here, we did not betray each other.

They touch each others cheeks and then hold hands. Taealha tells tagon that they are really becoming butterflies now. They continue to hold hands in solidarity on their new flag in the middle of the room. Meanwhile, Eunsum and Ipsang still walk in the woods. Ipsang offers his jacket as a truce and tells him to forgive him. Eunsum says he was not raised like that and walks away. Ipsang yells something at him which causes some nearby men to hear. Ipsang asks Eunsum how he grew up and says that living that way will make him live in the ground.

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Ipsang tells Eunsum to think about the gold again, they did everything so they should have it all. However, Eunsum sees something moving in the bushes and tells Ipsang to run! Eunsum ends up running back for Ipsang and saving his life. Eunsum starts to limp away from the bear and falls down a hill. The bear falls too! Eunsum is able to brace himself against a rock and tries to defend himself from the bear.

Ipsang continues to run away and says that Eunsum would have died anyway! But Eunsum is miraculously not injured! Two neanderthals come out and magic the bear away with their mind of something. Eunsum thanks them. The neanderthals walks away. But Eunsom tells them that they are neanderthal! I am Egot! On the the men walks back to him and smells him, he senses something, but he says that it does not mean anything. Then he leaves to walk off with the other neanderthal.

He thinks that he survived! Your son! This is the boy that survived, Loti. The other man asks what this means with that egot. Loti and this guy keep walking. We find out that Eunsums name is Asahoon. They give chase through the mountains and area able to stop Ipsang who ends up getting his leg injured. Eunsum hears this.

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One of the men asks Ipsang where Olmadae is. Ipsang does not want to tell him beacuse he is not sure if they will kill him. The man says that if they tell him, then they can catch Olmadae and then release him. Ipsang says that he will lead them.