Wiedersehen mit Babylon (detebe) (German Edition)

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Members: Oliver Maurmann???? Info: Was re-released in at Calypso Records as a Tape.

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Dank auch an , auch wenn er beim abmischen am Phantomband from Olif. Members: Fred bass, Erich drums, Kurt guit-voc. Info: Die Averells lasst euch von ihnen erstunkene und erlogene Geschichten vorsingen! Oder lasst euch die Wahrheit auftischen! Dies hier wurde im Sept. Released: second pressing on Calypso Now.

Members: Kurt guit-voc, Erich bass, Fred drums, Tina kekb. Info: Re-release of the original on Vkf Records. Songs :. Info: Phantomband from Olif. Songs : Wahrscheinlich Millions of evil hearts.

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Style: Beat. Artist: Baboons. Title : Money Grabbers. Style: Punk-Jazz. Members: Christian drums, Stefan guit, Baschi bass-guit, Astrid voc,. Claudius guit-voc.


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Artist: Baboons the. Style: Alternative Rock, Piano Blues. Claudius guit-mandolin-voc, Stefan B. The Baboons. Die Baboons formierten sich im Sommer aus Mitgliedern der Blue Sunbshine the bestehend aus Christian drums, Stefan sax, Astrid voc, Claudius guit plus weiteren. Den Pershings the bestehend aus Christian drums, Stefan sax, Claudius guit plus weiteren und den. Zambos the bestehend aus Astrid voc, Baschi guit, Stefan sax und weiteren.

Kurz danach starben sie aus ;-. Max Spielmann. Baby Jail. Das erste Konzert als Baby Jail fand am 1.

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Nach einem doppelten Abschiedskonzert am Aufnahmen der Band zusammengefasst. Neben den Highlights aus den Studioaufnahmen.

Sportliche Rocknummern wechselten sich ab mit Schnulzen, Spottliedern und eigenartiger Folklore. Artist: Baby Jail. Title: Four Serious Love Songs. Andy Gruenberg drums, plus aditional muscicans on Love Butcher. Info: Infosheet. Songs: Sad Movies. Media: Flexi-Disc. Style: Teenage Anthem. Andy Gruenberg voc. Info: Edition of Title: Oma kochte Enkelkind - denn sie wollte Sex.

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Songs: Sex! Info: Infosheet, Recorded by Andi Hess december Style: Folklore. Members: Boni Koller guit-voc, Bice Aeberli bass-voc-accordeon. The record ist dedicated to their son Fidel Moritz. Includes infosheet. Info: 4-page infosheet. Style: Rock. Info: With infosheet and autogramcard. Title: Truckerboy. Info: Includes songlyric on the backside of the cover. Title: Primitiv. Includes songsheet, was also released in germany. Title: Prinz Joggeli.

Info: Both sides are spoken fairytale in the style of the well. Info: A-Side is a spoken fairytale in the style of the well known storyteller Trudi Gerster written and performed by Boni Koller. Title: 3 Songs. Released: Spring Info: Produced by Baby jail and Andi Rathgeb. For MAX. This is a reissue of the original of , but with full color cover. Artist: Bambis the incredible. Title: Play Ramones Members: Rolf Brunner, Ralf Geersten. Aditional Infos: Edition of copies.

Coverdesign Attak Productions. See also: Bloodstar.

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Artist: Bande Berne Crematoire. Title: Fuck The Fox. Style: Experimental, Synth-pop, Minimal. Info: Their first cassette-selfrelease. Info: Their second cassette-selfrelease. Info: Oversized gatefold cover. Their third cassette-selfrelease. Info: Cover art by Bernhard Giossi.

Artist: Baramine. Info: Edition of copies. See also: Jacky Lagger et Baramine, Irratics. Artist: Lagger Jacky et Baramine. Title: Papa Gros Noel.

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Cover art by Objectif See also: Baramine, Irratics. Artist: Bar Trek.

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Style: Swiss Wave. Info: It was only issued with a plain white sleeve. It was probably a promo release. Artist: Bare Watchdogs, the. Title: First Bite. Members: Mendi voc-guit, Wipu drums-voc, Tobi bass-voc.