Will of Man - part two

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Mad God Part 3

Denver believes that Beloved returned to help her wait for her father to come home. Denver is also convinced that she must protect Beloved from Sethe. She remembers everything Baby Suggs told her about Halle, which was that he was an angel who loved things too much. The power of his love used to scare Baby Suggs because she knew that the large size of his heart made it an easy target.

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She is swallowed by the woman and, suddenly, she is the woman. Beloved says that she and Sethe lost and found one another. She tells Sethe that she came back from the other side for her, that she remembers her, and that she is scared the men without skin will come back.

Sethe assures her that they will not. Denver warns Beloved not to love Sethe too much.

Part the Second

Beloved says she already loves Sethe too much, and Denver promises to protect her. Beloved begs Sethe never to leave her again and Sethe complies.

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Beloved laments that Sethe left and hurt her. Beloved by: Toni Morrison. Character List Sethe Denver Beloved.

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